Testimonials And Press

Curiosity tinted with a bit of intrigue led me to purchase the VLip Vulva Therapy and I am soooooooo glad I did. The therapy lives up to its name. Every woman wants to take great care of their lady bits and this product helps you do just that. The therapy is moisturizing and smells refreshing and not overpowering. I applied VLip Gloss Vulva Therapy after a relaxing bath. It goes on smoothly and is so moisturizing I had to resist the urge to apply it to other lips. –Teesha M.

This is a new favorite. It tames my wild locs without being too heavy –Yulonda Swanson-Moten

My daughter has been using Mercy now for about 3 weeks and loves it. Her skin is no longer dry, itchy and scaly from eczema but soft and is healing beautifully. She noticed a difference after the first application and it gave her the confidence to bare her arms in a lovely evening dress. She also loves that the product is not greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. Pleasant smelling as well. -NL

Let me tell you!! MERCY is the truth. My face has been going through some crazy changes with itching, peeling and sometimes burning. I use Mercy twice a day and after 2 weeks, it feels so much better! I’m officially a fan!! –A. Scipio

My husband and I just got back from Jamaica last week and I was so thrilled to have my Forgiving Serum waiting for me!! Protecting my face from the Caribbean sun while away proved to be more challenging than expected. Using the serum this past week has shown me that it truly lives up to its name…it is already repairing and restoring the damage suffered while in paradise!! As an added benefit of Forgiving, the fragrance is calming and very soothing!! What a treat it is!! -Stephanie Parkison

So excited about the Forgiving and the Salt of the Earth. I might start looking young again. –P.B.

Wow!!! I just used the Salt of the Earth scrub for the first time and it was so not what I expected!! I don’t know what ingredients you use in there but it is amazing! I have used a lot of exfoliants, but most leave my skin feeling really dry and “tight”. I was shocked when my skin felt almost like it had been moisturized or had a dewy feel after exfoliating of all things!!! –M.W.

Love this oil! Thought it would be greasy but it’s not. The citrus scent is heavenly and actually makes you feel good. I have very dry skin and this has worked so much better than any lotion I have tried. I no longer have cracked dry skin on my legs and I highly recommend you try it! –N. Lee

It’s great! My daughter said that it really helps the itching and doesn’t burn if there’s any broken skin. –Amanda Scott

It is SO nice to find a lip balm that doesn’t have the crazy scent or irritants that others have. My lips feel soft and no more cracking or peeling! I even tried it on my cuticles and it works great!! Definitely a go to product for me from now on. Thank you! –Texas RN

I really love the new formula for the Luscious Locks Elixir. It’s one of my favorite hair go-to’s. My hair is fine with multiple textures and I love that Luscious Locks gives my hair a brilliant shine without the excessive oily or greasy feel. I also have experience less hair shedding and increased growth and volume since adding it to my hair regimen. The shine lasts, so I only have to use Luscious Locks every other day or so. It is also a great pre-shampoo treatment for those with fine, thin or damaged hair. Thank you 826 & Co. for creating such a valuable product that my hair and scalp love, and not to mention the amazing smell! -Pam Harris

Before my first pregnancy, I used a steroid cream and medicated shampoos to treat the sightly and itchy annoyance of seborrheic dermatitis, or cradle cap. I stopped relaxing my hair, and went “natural” partly due to this skin affliction. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I stopped using the steroid cream, and researched natural oral and topical remedies to help relieve my skin issues. I’ve used many things over the years, but Mercy Eczema Salve is my go to product because it immediately soothes and solves my scalp and ear problems. On the website, I saw it can be used for chaffing too. I enjoy having one product that helps my thunder thighs and dandruff issues. –Jatina Johnson

I suffer from jock itch and I was given this product by my wife. It use to come in an oil that I liked but it was messy. Now it comes in an ointment that works much better and is easier to apply. Great product. -Anonymous